B2B - Providing upscale restaurants edible gold to elevate customer dining experience


Big Bar Gold LLC is a family owned and operated business providing upscale culinary supplies. A Luxury B2B Garnish Supplier located in the Roaring Fork valley, Colorado. We provide high quality edible gold products to elevate your dishes and stand out in the luxury culinary market.


Elevate your decadent desserts with a beautiful glimmer of gold


Combined with ghanoush chocolate and berries, create desserts to rememeber.


A beautiful gilded glimmer of gold for the evening. 

Eating Gold

Egyptians consumed gold for mental, bodily and spiritual purification because they believed it to have divine effects, only reserved for the most prestigious beings.

Customer Purchase For Value not Cost

Customers make a purchase when the perceived value of the product exceeds the cost.  Add value to your product with a memorable experience of edible gold that will create pictures, laughs and a staple in a customers mind of a luxurious experience. As you promote and sell the emotion that your customer is so precious that they can eat genuine gold, remember that you gave them that experience, that feeling they have of high self worth that came from your dish, dessert or beverage. Decorate, Elevate and be great.

Eating Gold

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