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Example marketing content for edible gold
Example names for drinks
  1. Gilded Sugar Rim
  2. Rising Sun
  3. Bullion Bourbon
  4. The Cezar  
  5. Minty Midas
Dish/Drink Prefixes/Suffix
Gold Kissed-
Gold Crusted-

Financial Breakdown

Edible Gold Flakes

$30 / Unit A Unit yields approx.

-30 small dessert garnish (~$1.00 / Dessert)

-15 large dessert garnish (~$2.00 / Dessert)
-2 mostly covered dessert garnish (~$15 / Dessert)
Edible Gold Dust
$17/Unit A Unit yields approx 30 gold kissed strawberries (~$0.56 / berry)

Liquid Gold

$12 / Unit A Unit yields approx. 30-40 drinks (~ $0.35 / Drink

Gold Parchment

$15/ Unit A Unit yields approx. 2x 8oz Fillets (~7.50$ / Fillet)
Why you should never buy edible gold from an untrusted source.
Edible gold is often CUT with cheaper metals such as copper, lead and nickel when procuring from other sources. Foreign companies claim 24k when in fact the products are below this threshold, potentially exposing someone to metal poisoning.