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Big Bar Gold LLC is a local family owned and operated business in the Roaring Fork Valley Colorado. This company was founded to support local culinary artists, restaurants and chefs to enrich the customer experience with a kiss of gold. As tourists and locals alike go out to eat, they expect an experience like no other, remembering the elegant and delectable food prepared. Having formerly worked with the FDA, we pride ourselves on having the highest quality edible gold on the market which has undergone extensive lab testing above and beyond what is required to commercialize edible gold. 


A Commitment to Quality: This includes ISO 9001 Lab compliant certified tests, FDA registration, GTIN for “Edible Gold Flakes”, a Registered Colorado Food Manufacturer and more. If you have any questions or concerns, please review our MSDS, technical datasheet and lab tests. Feel free to email us with additional questions at


Big Bar Gold LLC

1601 29th St. Suite 1292
Boulder, CO 80301

+1 (970) 924-0614

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